How Can Your Golf Rangefinder Change Your Game?

Needless to say, a golf rangefinder is an essential tool for any kind of player when it comes to golf. If you are someone who is just getting used to the sport, it can dramatically improve the speed of your game and save yourself from doing a lot of hard work. If you are someone who is going pro, a rangefinder can be with you on the field and improve your skills every day. If you are already a pro player, your rangefinder is a tool for you to improve all aspects of your terrain-reading skills. How can it make impacts on your game?


1.    Improves the speed of the game

Golf games are getting slower and slower every day to the point that it can be frustrating just by watching the players. With the best golf rangefinder, the players are able to save a lot of breath on reading the field and calculating how they should make the shot. A rangefinder can also work as binoculars and can save you a lot of time from going around investigating the field. If you are new to golf, it is very difficult for you to read the field since you would need to play for a while first to have a better sense of what’s around you before you can actually read it. Therefore, having a rangefinder will help you to do the reading work.

2.     Helps you to develop your skills

When you are playing in a professional competitive games or tournament, even the best golf rangefinder can’t help you because you simply are not allowed to use it. For that reason, you need to make full use of your rangefinder when you are practicing. You need to learn from it rather than just use it as a tool to save your breath. You should start to actually estimate the distance, the speed of the wind and how your ball will move all by yourself. After that, you can check the result with your rangefinder. By doing so, you are able to develop your senses on the distance and your surroundings. Later when you play, you would still be able to read the terrain without the assistance of your rangefinder.

3.    Gives you more time for your shots

Spending less time on how to read the field means that you are able to play more holes than usually do. Therefore, you are able to make more shots. Although reading skill is important and is the key in succeeding a shot, the outcome of the shots still depends largely on how you use your club. With a rangefinder in your hand, try practicing short games first and later long games. So when you don’t have your rangefinder, your hands would automatically know how much force to put in the club when hitting at that distance.


Most importantly, keep in mind that your rangefinder is a tool for you to improve your game. So don’t rely too much on it. After all, being able to do everything on your own is what matters.

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