How To Clean Your Laser Golf Rangefinder?

Best golf rangefinder helps you a lot on the golf field. It can improve the quality of your games as well as improve your skills. In order for your golf rangefinder to function well, the cleaning work must be carried out often.


Cleaning your golf rangefinder (laser) is an extremely important thing to do. With proper cleaning, your rangefinder will look new and more importantly, it will function with higher precision. In addition, everybody wants their equipment to look new. Keep in mind that the best golf rangefinder is a clean one. It can add some extra excitement while using it. So here are the things you need to do in order to clean your golf rangefinder.

  1. Shut it down and remove all the removable parts (batteries, SD card if it has one, the rubber parts)
  2. Prepare: some microfiber cloths, appropriate cleaning agent, contact lenses cleaner or glass eyeglasses cleaner, an old toothbrush.
  3. Use your hand to peel out any dust or sand that has been dried out and is covering your golf rangefinder. Remember to be gentle so as not to damage the surface of the machine. You can also use the tip of your finger nails to peel the stains out.
  4. Spray some cleaning agent on your microfiber cloths and start cleaning the surface of your rangefinder. You should be gentle especially when cleaning the buttons because you may press them too hard. Remember to switch the side of the piece of clothes often so that you won’t stain the clean parts with dust from the other parts.

The perfect condition of your microfiber cloths should be slightly wet and warm. It needs to be wet to make the cleaning easier and absorb the dust. A warm piece of clothes will stimulate the power of your cleaning agent.

Avoid cleaning the lenses and the screens of your golf rangefinder while using your cleaning agent because you may make it worse.

  1. Use another piece of microfiber cloth (or at least use the parts that haven’t been used) to clean the lenses and screen of your rangefinder with the assist of the lenses cleaning liquid. Remember to be really gentle with those parts and make sure that your finger nails won’t accidentally scratch the screens or the lenses.

Clean the lenses and the screen in a zigzag pattern so that you won’t accidentally distribute the dust around those parts.

  1. If the lenses are dirty from the inside, you would need to go an extra mile dissemble you rangefinder to clean it inside-out. However, be cautious when you work with the small parts. You should keep them in a bag so that you won’t lose them.
  2. Clean the small parts or the corners that can’t be reached by your piece of cloth with the toothbrush. You can spray some cleaning agent in a small can of water and dip your toothbrush in there to wet it.
  3. Wait for your rangefinder to dry out before putting the parts back together.
  4. Check if your rangefinder is still working properly.

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