How To Select The Right Kegerator For You?

If you are a fan of cold fresh beer, you must know what a kegerator is. A kegerator is used to dispense kegs of beer. The purpose of doing this is to keep the beer cold and ready to drink any time. Other than large commercial kegerators you usually find in a bar or a pub, there are smaller versions which can be used at home. Before rushing to the store and pick one, let’s go through the things that you need to consider.

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Research before buying

Your passion for cold beer might work as an incentive for you to buy one. But keep in mind that you are spending a great amount of money on an electric appliance (from $150 to $700). It will lose half of its value if you want to resell it after you have purchased. It is a long term commitment.

So, take your time go on websites and read about the reviews from the users. Many say that having a kegerator is like having a puppy. It needs an excessive amount of maintaining and cleaning so that it can offer you high quality drinks.

Choose the appropriate size

Basically, there are three main types of kegerator that are suitable for family use: mini kegerator, full-size kegerator and outdoor kegerator.

Mini kegerator: this kegerator is ideal if you are not a heavy drinker and you are the only one who drinks in your family. Due to its small size, it only takes a small corner in your kitchen. It won’t consume that much energy and the cleaning work is also easy. A mini kegerator uses mini keg (5 liters keg).

Full-size kegerator: If there are many drinkers and you frequently have parties, this is the dream for you. They are mainly free-standing kegerators that sometimes have an extra cabin for you to store glasses and a base for you to store beer or bottles.

There is usually enough space for two quarter barrel kegs or a half barrel keg. It is advised that you buy two slim quarter barrel and place them one next to another or two quarter barrels and stack them up. By doing so, you will have another keg ready after a keg runs out. Parties can’t wait you know.

You can even upgrade your kegerator into a double-tap kegerator and use two slim quarter barrel of different beer. That will definitely sprinkle your party.

Outdoor kegerator: This is the best kegerator for you if you live a luxurious life. There is nothing better than have a kegerator waiting in your backyard when you are having a pool party. They are large in size and are often designed to be fit inside a brick base. They are quite similar to commercial kegerator (can store several kegs and have a cabin for glasses, extra space for cans and bottles). They are usually made with stainless steel so that they can stand against the changes of the weather.

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