Is It Necessary To Buy A Golf Rangefinder With All The Functions?

Many people say that a golf rangefinder originally designed to measure the distance and it has already made the game unfair for some people. Nowadays, many other functions have been invented to be included in a golf rangefinder. For some people, the scope of some rangefinders looks like a cockpit for all of the numbers and symbols that even the owner can’t remember them all. So the question is that: is it really worth it to spend that much on best golf rangefinders with many functions?

The answer to that question all depends on your purpose of using your rangefinder. So, before answering do you really need it, think about how you are going to use your rangefinder


Getting used to golfing

As an amateur who has just taken up their golfing habit, there are a lot of things to learn about when playing golf. Above all, you should prioritize on your swinging skill when you start to play. This means that you don’t really need to care about anything else rather than how far you have made your shots. Did you take your ball where you want it to?

By having a golf rangefinder, you would be able to know how long you have hit your ball. So if one hit is further than another, you can try to apply the same body movements to the upcoming hits. Having the best golf rangefinder is a great way to improve your swinging skills. It helps you to know your strength and favorable distance.


Once you’ve got used to the basic of the game, it’s time to take your skills to a whole new level by training on the field. When you train, time is all that matters. Training means that you will stay on the field and practice over and over again until you become a professional. There is no limit in training, you are the only limit.

In order to train, you need a rangefinder that can unlock your full potential in all the criteria of golfing: swinging club, terrain reading, sloping, etc. This means that you should buy a rangefinder that has as many functions as possible. Even though your rangefinder might look like an airplane through the scope, you still need all of those functions to improve your skills.

The speed of the wind measurement will allow you to develop your sense of the wind so that later on you won’t need a rangefinder to feel the wind. The scan mode will allow you to plan your strategy better as it lists out many targets for you to choose. The pin-seeking mode assists you to find the flagstick even when you are far away. By continuously checking the result with your rangefinder after you have made your own estimation, your senses of the surrounding will be dramatically improved.

There is no fixed answer for whether you should buy a modern rangefinder. The best golf rangefinder can also be an obstacle if you know how to read it but don’t know how to swing your clubs.

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