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Tips For Cheap Vietnam Trip

As you may know, Vietnam is one of the most inexpensive destinations in this world especially for food, drink and accomodation. Flight to this country is the hardest part for visitors with limited budget when they have to spend much money on it. But we don’t have to, actually. A…

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Cheapest Flights To Vietnam For Everyone

There are lots of questions about traveling to Vietnam: How to get cheapest flights to vietnam? Where to find an inexpensive accomodation or how to find transport cheap? Adam, who have travelled to this beautiful country for a dozen times, finally will share with us all of his secrets with…


DIY Kegerator – Step by step – Part 3

STEP 9: INSTALL THE PLYWOOD AND MARK DRILLING SPOTS Install your plywood reinforcement before building the tower and temporarily remount the lid. Then the pilot hole that you drilled in the lid can be used as a guide to show the spot where you want to drill out the plywood….

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DIY Kegerator – Step By Step Part 2

Let’s continue building our own kegerator! For more info about the previous step, refer to this article. STEP 3: DISASSEMBLE THE FRIDGE Unscrew the fridge door and remove all loose shelving. You’ll need lots of room to accommodate the keg(s) and C02 tank. STEP 4: REMOVE THE PLASTIC TOP LID…

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DIY Kegerator – Step by Step

There’s nothing compared to a freshly poured beer from a draught system, but for most of us draft beer has been a pleasure that you only can enjoy at bars and restaurants. What a shame! Because kegged beer is a cheaper, fresher, better preserved product. To top it off, some…

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Blueprint For A Great Kegerator

Dispensing Standard beer faucets are easy to get stuck if you don’t use them on a daily basis. They also gunk up easily which is not only one more thing to clean but it “kills” your beer. I had to deal with both of these problems when using my old…


5 Gift Ideas For Draught Beer Lovers

1. 300 BEERS TO TRY BEFORE YOU DIE GUIDE With so many different beer categories and brands out there these days, it’s not easy to know which ones are the best. While we believe that you can’t really “go wrong” with beer, there are certainly beers that taste better than…