How To Pick The Best Golf Rangefinder Yourself?

Golf is always among the sport that requires the players to spend the most on the equipment. When you are new to golf, you can feel overwhelmed and frustrated when picking the right tools for you (clubs, clothes, club fitting, etc.). When it comes to tools that make your games easier, a golf rangefinder should always be on the list. A rangefinder is basically a small machine (similar to a camera) that helps you to measure the distance between you (holding the machine) to a targeted spot.

In this article, we’ll go through the steps which will help you to select the best golf rangefinder for yourself


1.    Research before buying

This is the crucial step before buying any kind of golfing equipment yet people tend to skip this step. With proper research, you would know what type of rangefinder is a good one (has a lot of positive reviews). Determine whether you are looking for a rangefinder with simple functions for an amateur of are you looking for one that the pros use. Are rangefinders allowed in your golf fields? Is it allowed in the tournament that you are planning to attend? If you are looking for one to use in the tournaments or professional games, make sure that you purchase the correct brand with correct functions (as some functions won’t be allowed to use).

2.    Stick to laser rangefinders

Laser rangefinders provide you with a lot of advantages. They are light in weight, portable and are highly precise. To be honest, most of the rangefinders nowadays use a laser beam to measure the distance (by calculating how long does it take for the beam to reach that spot) so it is difficult to find one which doesn’t use the laser. These rangefinders also have a lot of extra functions which allow you to measure the speed and direction of the wind, the steepness of the hill, etc. However, you need to research before buying to know if they are allowed to be used in tournaments. Laser rangefinders are convenient and are born to be used on the golf fields. So there is no reason to make it hard for yourself when buying other types which will likely to waste more time and effort to carry it around the field.

3.    Your budget

Rangefinders are awesome to use and you can be left with a lot of disadvantages without one. However, my advice is that: don’t eager to buy one if you are unable to spend decent on it. If you can’t buy one, don’t. If you buy one, spend decent on it because you need one with good quality. Buying a rangefinder with low quality can destroy your games and your skills because it provides you with incorrect information. If you receive the correct information, you will pick the wrong club and apply the wrong amount of force to your shot. Worse, you will be made to believe that the distance that you estimated is wrong and start to readjust your concept about the distance.

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