Things That You Should Consider Before Buying Your Kegerator

There is nothing better than getting home and chill on your couch with a glass of cold fresh beer. And to make all of that happen, you need to have a kegerator. People who are fans of fresh beer are getting crazy about it. Once you are used to the taste of fresh beer, there is no going back. You may even lose your interest in canned or bottled beer. So, yeah, kegerator is a wonderful appliance. Here are the things that you need to consider before buying one:


The space it would take

You need to make sure that you have a decent spot to place your kegerator. Normally, your kegerator would need to take a space more than its size. It needs some space at its back for air circulation as well. If you have limited space in your house but you can’t get it off your mind, buy a mini kegerator.

Also, keep in mind that you need space for at least one keg of beer. The one that is already in the kegerator and an extra one in case the first one runs out.

The energy it consumes

Your kegerator consumes a lot of energy as it works and make sure that your family is ok about is. The drinking thing will not be enjoyable anymore if you feel that you are wasting money. If you can’t afford a full-size kegerator, a mini version would just serve you the same.

The money

There are several models of a kegerator and they come in different sizes. A mini kegerator should cost you about $150 and a full size can be up to $700 (commercial kegerator is excluded). Buying a kegerator is definitely something to be taken seriously. The best kegerator doesn’t necessarily have a high price but a high price kegerator can enhance the flavor of your drinks. Buying one is a long term commitment; so don’t do it hastily. Spend some time to research before buying.


The way you install your kegerator can affect the quality of the drink. Also you need to place it at a convenient spot. Make sure that it is placed in a cool and dry place. Most of the times, people will choose their kitchen or their living room. No matter where you place it, make sure that you won’t have to transport the keg for too far before dispensing it in your kegerator. In order to maximize the efficiency of your kegerator, you should use the installation service (assume that it’s not included when you pay for your kegerator).

The keg you are going to use

Make sure that nearby stores do sell a keg that is compatible for your kegerator. You don’t want to buy a kegerator so small that no keg can fit in it or too big and it consumes all the energy. You need to find your keg supply before buying a kegerator.

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