Three Reasons Why You Should Choose A Golf Rangefinder Instead Of GPS

On the golf field, it’s not always easy to prepare for your shot. In order to have a good shot and know which club you are supposed to use, you need to be able to read the field and understand the situation. Reading the field can be frustrating sometimes especially when you are playing in a new place. For that reason, when it comes to reading the field, GPS and best golf rangefinders have been invented to make things easier for you.

Just like there are Coke people and Pepsi people, there are GPS people and rangefinders people. Both are great tools and have their own advantages. However, personally speaking, I’m still fond of my laser rangefinder for some particular reasons:


1.    You only need to spend once

It is true that a golf rangefinder can be really expensive and you would have to invest a lot in order to have one with good quality. On the other hand, you only need to use your phone to check the field with GPS. However, using GPS requires you to pay a certain amount of fee monthly. You just simply have to pay in order to use and you can’t just pay once for all. This is quite annoying and is a terrible experience.

In the long term, you will eventually reach a point that the amount you spent on GPS exceeds the price of a good quality rangefinder. But it should take years to get there. Anyway, using something that is yours and is purchased by you always feel better than using something that you have to pay for your subscription every month.

2.     A rangefinder will improve your skills

Your GPS and your rangefinder will both provide you with information on the distance of the golf fields. However, a rangefinder should have more functions and it is more “realistic”. What I mean here is that when you want to measure the distance from yourself to a spot, you can estimate the distance from you to that spot and then use your rangefinder to check if you are correct. It is hard for a GPS to locate that exact spot which you want to measure. Furthermore, using a rangefinder is similar to using binoculars, you should be able to have extra information about the field and notice small details that a GPS can’t provide you with because of the vision from above (and in the low definition).

3.    Even more information

Some modern laser rangefinders will also measure the speed of the wind, the steepness of the hill and the height of the grass. The best golf rangefinder is the one that has all of these functions. All of this can offer you a golf game with higher quality. Not to mention these functions are extremely useful to you when you need to practice to improve your skills. For instance, you are trying to improve on measuring the speed of the wind.  You can do that by yourself and later check with your rangefinder. Repeating this process will allow you to have a good sense of the speed and direction of the wind in the future.

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