Three Steps To Use Your Laser Rangefinders

The most common type of rangefinders that you can pretty much find anywhere on the golf fields is laser rangefinders. It can help you a lot especially when you are practicing by saving times and effort you have to make while trying to read the field with your bare eyes. Whichever type of rangefinder you are using, you are still required to use it correctly in order to make full use of what you are having. So here are the steps on how to use your laser rangefinder.


  1. First, you need to determine the target (object) which you want to measure the distance from yourself to it. Make sure that you choose objects that are large and stable so that the laser beam coming from your best golf rangefinder won’t be able to hit the target. Keep in mind the beam can be more divergent when it travels further. So pick a spot that is wide and still to be your target. Objects like the flag sticks or your golf ball should be avoided.
  2. Once your target is located, press the rangefinder’s button or pull the trigger and it will send the laser beam to the target. Now, this step is the most important step because your mistake can result in a wrong result which will make you pick the wrong club and ruin your shot. Having false information about the distance can also make you make your shot will too strong or too weak force so you won’t be able to take your ball to where you desire.

In order to avoid a faulty measurement, you need to keep your arms still during the whole process. In other words, you can find a stable spot to rest your hands while you are using your rangefinder (on your golf cart, on some rocks or you can lean on a tree). Any way could do but just make sure that you don’t move and so as your target.

If you feel like the weather is windy and many things could be moving around blocking the sight of your rangefinder, wait for a while. Many rangefinder models include a portable stand so that it can stand firmly on the ground if you are unable to find a temporary stand. However, you would need a cart to carry this stand or it will be frustrating.

  1. Read what’s being displayed. Before using your golf rangefinder, make sure that you read the instructions and understand all the information that is being displayed on the screen. If your rangefinder has some defects and some figures go missing, reading the instructions would help you realize what’s been missing.

Most of the times, when you have an un successful lock on the target, the screen will displayed “error” so review the steps above and do it once more,

The key when using a rangefinder is that you should never take the measurement only once. Even when you have got the answer, do it once more but from a nearby position to make sure that the first measurement hasn’t been blocked by something. Keep in mind that even the best golf rangefinder can still provide you with incorrect figures if you don’t use it properly.

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