Time Cost To Play A Round Of Golf

If you’ve ever asked how long it takes to play a round of golf, the stock answer is “it takes as long as it takes”. Unlike other professional sports such as football or basketball, golf is a game to which many important factors can affect the time. These depend mostly on the difficulty of a course, the amount of competitors and skillful competitors, the numbers of holes played or the pace of groups, etc.

golf time

Time For Preparing Devices And Gadgets

There will be a place for you to make sure that you are ready for the game. In this place, the caddie will help you prepare important things for a perfect golf game. They also give suggest for extra devices such as bringing best golf rangefinder or best golf GPS watch. This stage will take up to 10 minutes.


Average time needed to accomplish

In accordance with many observations throughout centuries of this sport, the average time spent on an 18-hole round is approximately 4 hours. For instance, the Hammock Creek golf club, located in Florida, has kept track of their playing times by month for two years; the result is 4 hours plus 11 seconds, which means it needs 13 minutes on average to score a hole (walking and riding time included) and 15 minutes for a four and a half hour round.

Exterior influences

Course Variety

There are many difficulty choices for a golf course indicated by the slope ratings by USGA. If you choose a hard course to start playing golf with, it’s likely that the time cost is much longer. Besides, playing on a par-3 course would be faster when compared with a par-5; and playing a 9-hole course is, of course, going to take only 2 hours, a skilled player can reduce it to 90 minutes.

Other Considerations

There are many other variables responsible for the length of a round. With the exception of ability, if there are any groups playing slowly ahead of your turn, you’re forced to wait after each shot. Also, if your group mates are excessively into conversations, your round won’t be quick. Your game time can be affect by people using best golf rangefinder devices. The reason is that they will take a lot of time to target the point and sometimes there will be a problem with the machine. Besides, your play time can be influenced by seasons. For example, when you play in the heat of the Florida’s summers, the courses commonly lack of people, meaning that it will be an empty course for you to speed up the time; but in the winter, with the sharp rise of seasonal visitors, time for a round can lengthen.

Inner influences

Skill and Number in Party

Scratch players, skillful players, (who are playing with a Handicap of zero on any golf courses) tend to finish a course faster than 20-Handicap players. On the other side, it surely takes more time for a foursome(players compete in teams of two, using only one ball and taking shots alternately) to play a round than it usually does for an individual. In addition,it’s acceptable that even a high-level player can make mistakes, but if you are playing with a player who has a tendency of losing balls or getting them to water, it can drive your time up to four and a half hours or even five hours to finish an 18-hole match.

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