What To Look For When Buying Your Golf Rangefinder?

Selecting the right tool for your favorite sport can be extremely time-consuming and frustrating especially when it comes to golf. Normally, it would take you weeks to pick out the right golf club for you and days later to get the proper custom fitting. Bad news for you, selecting the best golf rangefinder for yourself is just as hard as selecting your clubs.

In order to buy a golf rangefinder, here are the characteristics of the product that you should look for.


1.    Accuracy

Your golf rangefinder should be a laser range finder so that it would be more accurate and it is easy to carry one around for its light weight. The accuracy (written on the cover box or the manual) should be less than one yard. Basically, what this means is that when you measure the distance from yourself to a spot far away, the maximum incorrect range should be no more than one yard. If that range is too wide, you would hit your ball with the wrong force and miss your target.

2.    Magnification

Some people tend to forget that having a rangefinder that helps you to zoom clear on your target is just as important as having one that can measure well. You can use this function to replace your normal binoculars. So instead, you are able to save a lot of energy when you don’t have to carry some extra weight. It is important to have a rangefinder that has the magnification of 5x to 7x. It will definitely help you to scout the terrain better and notice small details that your opponent can’t. Every inch counts so buy one with good magnification.

3.    Warranty

For an electronic product, two to three year would be an ideal warranty. The first few years are a period that product defects are likely to occur. By having a warranty, you would be more confident exploring all the functions and make better use of your rangefinder on the field.

4.    Maximum range

Being able to work at a distance of 1000 to 1500 range is ideal because that should be the maximum range of most holes nowadays. However, if you are intending to buy one that can work even further then it’s totally ok. But keep in mind that you would have to pay more if the range is longer and you might not be able to make use of all of that. So balance and it and let the money to be spent on other features.

5.    Waterproof

Depends on the weather and your play style, you should consider having a rangefinder which is water proof. If it rains often on the field that you usually play and you are totally fine to play under a rain, go for a water proof model. If you are the type of active person that would run around the field and your rangefinder is more likely to fall on the ground or get submerged into water, buy one that is waterproof.

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